Favorite snack for kids and teenagers, our Jelly & Marshmallow have various shapes and flavors with a uniquely pleasant taste. We have 3 types of coat. Coated by sugar, oil and powder. Textures very soft and smooth. Smells good. If you put it into ice-cream, cake, soft drink or whatever you want, it can make difference.

Products Range:
Sweet Rainbow Jelly (Sugar coat only) 36 bags X 55 g.
Snow Jelly (Sugar coat only) 24 bags X 100 g.
Best Wishes Boxed Jelly (Sugar coat only) 12 pcs. X 320 g.
Heart Boxed Jelly (Sugar coat only) 12 pcs. X 320 g.
Pop Coli Cola Jelly 12 boxes X 12 pcs. X 25 g.
Jelly (Bags & Trays) 20 bags X 500 g.
10 trays X 500 g.
Jelly (Sheet)

24 sheets X 24 pcs. X 5 g.

Animal Shapes Jelly (ex: dog, cat, bear, etc.) 12 pcs. X 70 g.

24 pcs. X 70 g.

36 pcs. X 70 g.

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