Used as topping jelly in the appearance of Cherry and Queenberry (tiny imitate cherry) available. Imitate Cherry and Queenberry make from pectin. You can put in soft drink and d?cor bakery products.

Products Range:
Imitate Cherry (red, green, yellow, orange and blue)  
- No : 1 12 trays X 50 pcs.
- No : 2 12 trays X 60 pcs.
- No : 3 12 trays X 250 g.
Queenberry (red, green, yellow, orange, violet and blue) 12 trays X 220g.
Egg Plant Glace (red, green) 10 bags X 1 Kg.
Papaya Preserved In Syrup 10 trays X 1 Kg.
green cherry


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